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This is a pack of 6 blanks. . Out of 300 baits ive gotten from them only 1 has leaked. If China sellers had to compete fairly with US sellers, we wouldn't have anything to talk about here. Get it in store: 7 In Stock Aisle 12. Paste as plain text instead, There are some that work but I stick with the originals. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Keep us informed of your experiences. Personally my entire crank box specifically my square bills are 99% knock offs and they catch fish tons of fish. Of course. } Elongated oval eyes. My main criteria for picking a bait is if that company has shown consistency in their baits. Shelt's Unpainted 110mm Jerkbaits Blanks Floating. } ch = value.substring(i, i+1); So if I want a bait that acts like Lure X and which I can have confidence in throwing (which means a lot!) Oh, you change out your hooks? return d.innerHTML; That link was an awesome example of what quality should be. Why does that one (insert whichever lure) have all of its paint knocked off, but the other three duplicates by the same company look pristine? See chart for hook, eye socket and ring size recommendations. Bait weights .66 oz unpainted. length++; With those definitions, I can now tell what is and isn't a quality blank. Where as a better company like Rapala will give you the same action almost every time. var d; It's nearly impossible to replicate the original lures action. d = document.all[name]; Or I buy 20 lures at $1 each with no shipping cost, and my lures cost me $1 each. Everyone expects cheat stuff. 4.5" I know this first hand from repping baits in these stores from the main manufacturers. Let us think about this; you have developed a lure that you like. Click to feedback > Why do you want that? 3d eyes included with all lure blanks. d = document.all[name]; Display as a link instead, After discarding the duds, haveyou saved any money, which is the only reason for the exercise? Proudly created with Wix.com. 12 styles of blank lures have a lifelike profile, textured scale pattern and recessed eye sockets. var loginEmail = ""; there is always someone who knows more than you. - Small differences in a baitmake large differences in itsperformance, so never expect a knockoff to perform like the original it copies. } for (i = 0; i < value.length; i++) { match & course; Lureflex soft plastic. if(!x && d.getElementById) x=d.getElementById(n); return x; My lures now cost me $1.25each. Result Pages: 1 . These are the exact same blanks that my baits are made from. quantity: 12pcs unpainted fishing lures crankbaits. I find knockoff blanks are usually a hit or miss proposition as far as home the perform, depending on a lot of factors that are hard for suppliers to control. d = document.getElementById(name); Think back to some of the older lures that performed great! If you're looking for unpainted fishing lure bodies, also known as unpainted lure blanks, we're the place to start. 8.5cm Collection of best products! I can order 100 or 200 from China, receive them in 2 or 3 weeks with no shipping cost. Alibaba.com Site: International - Espaol - Portugus - Deutsch - Franais - Italiano - - P - - - - - Trk - Nederlands - ting Vit - Indonesian - , AliExpress - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, 1999-2023 Alibaba.com. Buy on Amazon. High quality small diving crank bait blank unpainted lure weight:1/4oz,7gsize:2 3/4inch,75mmeye:BUBBLE EYE Original price $ 2.99 CAD Original price $ 2.99 CAD - Original price $ 2.99 CAD Lure Parts Online is your trusted source for plastic fishing lure blanks. Shelt's Unpainted 7" Walleye Blanks Lures. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/28966-blank-crankbait-body-links/page-4#entry261491. The key for any bait produced for the mass market is consistency, every bait performs the same way with minimal tweaks. Give it to your father or grandpa on his birthday. I'm reading a lot and getting more confused the more I read lol! wLure 10 Blank Minnow Fishing Lure Body Unpainted Lure Jerkbait UPM589 $12.00. High Quality 1.5 DD blank, Lead rattles and chamber weights! } When shipping is $8.95for the order, soft plastics thatare 35 cents each turn into 40cents each. } else { By We have the quality lure bodies you need to produce masterpieces that are all but guaranteed to catch fish! Featured Items. (Gift: 24pcs 3d fishing eyes). I would like to know where the big companies have there blanks made and possibly look at trying to go through their manufacturers? Introducing Crank Blanks. You swapped out the split rings? 3. } else { I really don't know why people prefer to deal with China. Unpainted Lure Blanks. Will be back with the company name that sells the blanks Matthew: h2os2t: Posted 3/26/2010 11:10 AM (#431147 - in reply to #431127) Are these copies any good? I dont want to invest $ks of dollars and my blanks come back blemished, leak, dont swim right, or cheaply put together and a cheap plastic. 2/0 hooks The differences are small in the appearance of these lures but it is what you can't see that is responsible for the action. Those are the things that most of us check for in suppliers. I know kids use their phones for everything these days, but checking out lure blanks, I got view them on something bigger. Oh wait does that make it a knock off? Elongated oval eyes. Thanks for all the input guys! Ya get whatcha pay for! The knock-off lure blanks work but they aren't the same as the originals. But I'm not saying I paid $1 for a lure so I'll charge $3 to cover everything. (x=d[n])&&d.all) x=d.all[n]; for (i=0;!x&&i 30 && ch != ' ' && ch != '\n') { 5mm eyes fit perfect in the eye sockets. There's also the case where a "brand name" lure doesn't live upcough-cough-howmanyxrapsdoIhavetobuytogetonethatsuspends-cough. You're going to pay more buying from Dinger and Predator but in comparison to baits purchased from shelts you will definitely see where the extra dollars were spent. I saw no differences otherwise. LURE BLANKS. ok, I need some baits made up! I have the bodies in hand and can not find them anywhere. #2 rings and #6 treble hooks. At wLure we offer a large range selection on our blank lure bodies, including unpainted blank crankbait bodies, unpainted blank minnow jerkbait bodies, unpainted blank lipless bodies, unpainted blank topwater popper bodies and unpainted swimbait bodies. I come across a lot of custom lure painters on social media who offer knock offs of DTs, S-Cranks, Whopper Ploppers and others. $1.50 - $2.50 / piece. Certain suppliers make inconsistent blanks due to poor quality control because they want quantity over quality. Check out some of our suspending and floating models. 2. Lianyungang Fine Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. 5YRS. joelhains, October 23, 2016 in Hard Baits. If not, they will be bankrupt, or at best sold --- to some other company, who will make a knockoff of their great lure and sell it to the masses using their big name, and massive production facilities. Your previous content has been restored. If it's just because its not a Livingston, or doesn't have that Pro endorsement in the name, etc. } 3 inch 4/11 oz Unpainted Crankbait Blank Bodies. Leviton 37010-701 Outdoor Weatherproof Single Gang Blank PVC Outlet Cover, Grey. Privacy Policy I fish a lot of KO's of certain kinds of baits (110's and warts especially). function getCustomerID() { | Quality . This is why this country is so effed up in trade. but spend a bit more and you will get a quality lure, pre-painted. If you are a serious fisherman who likes to create your own hard baits, you will love these unpainted lure blanks. Close; Shop our large inventory of Sublimation Inks. if (i < value.length - 1) { nextch = value.substring(i+1, i+2); } else { nextch = ' '; } Details. These are just my opinions though and others I'm sure have different experiences points of view. This is outright dumping on our economy. if (ie4) { background: url(https://3330642.app.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=294327&c=3330642&h=GLgxNYDgNofHoqyWPKzdwH0A1tmXaPY75D6Co9BtQtb-Lkxb) no-repeat center center fixed; I airspray and epoxy my own lures also in the winter months. Sub Warts are even worse. High quality, proven profiles and PREPPED FOR PAINT including: pre-masked bills and sanded waterproof . Paste as plain text instead, Choose from 26 different profiles and sizes that cover any depth or species. High quality pike and perch lure blanks. The above responses assume that the original bait is the baitthat will most attract a bass it is entirely possible the subtle difference that a knock-off posseses may actually be more effective. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater, good fishing lures to practice your fishing skills. (function() { You can buy them and some will catch fish perfectly well. Not a lot of little old Chinese guys sitting in their basement with a lathe trying to compete with guys here in the US. This is interesting, it makes for a perfect gift and has a simulation design. Imprintables Blanks. (1) $3.90 $3.25. I haven't ordered from any of these mentioned vendors yet so I have no idea what to expect from them. The knock-off lure blanks work but they aren't the same as the originals. 33010002000092 I wish you the best of luck. I do sell a few baits to my buddies and others who know I make lures but I don't actively look for customers. Don't think that just because its a high dollar lure that it will always out perform the cheaper ones. top of page. Intellectual Property Protection Over 4 orders, i received everyone in less than 12 days to the U.S. After the initial order, they sent the next 3 orders with free samples. )1/2 oz RES' in different packaging and limited range of color selection. However, apart from the lip shape, profile, tow eye position etc, stuff that was under your control, in order to have the mass production lure swim exactly the same as your prototype, ALL the parameters have to be matched. $16.98 USD $11.69 USD 31% OFF. 3 talking about this. Choose from a wide variety of crankbaits, topwater, swimbaits, and jerkbaits. Its blank, outfitted with high-quality components, has the power and action to handle a variety of lures and techniques. Close; Browse our selection of imprintables blanks. }); A Good gift choose for your grandpafather. return loginEmail; But I hope my fishing success is never that dependent on a specific lure, and 50% or more is a big price to pay for that assurance. Now where you might get me (and I honestly don't have an answer for) is what the difference between a $9 crankbait (usually a US company) and a $25 crankbait (usually a JDM company). If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Buy Now. Good Luck with your business. My solution to maintain control would be to design a set of molds that can be reproduced, and set up production in-house, then outsource the production with your tools if the numbers are beyond your capability. then you are being a victim to marketing. We love to hear the fish stories of our customers, and we are available to answer any questions you have about the best way to use our products. I see plenty of guys with a lathe, drill press and a band saw jump into the wood lure market and sell $30 lures every day. !00mm jerk bait. Crappie Jigs. return accountNumber; And there are all kinds of people willing to seetheir tax dollars goto help China compete against US, I'm sure Chinaappreciates your help. When it comes to soft plastic fishing lures, like worms or craws, or other creature baits. Skipaelf Lure Blanks Crankbaits,24PCS Crankbait Blanks Unpainted Fishing Lures with 3D Fishing Eyes,Walleye Trout Bass Fishing Topwater Lures Blank Hard Lures,3.54in,0.35oz. 6cm 8.5g. Order) token = ''; if (ch == '<' && '/aAbBpPhHiIoOuUlLtT'.indexOf(nextch) >= 0) { htmltag = true; } High quality, proven profiles and PREPPED FOR PAINT including: pre-masked bills and sanded waterproof sonic welded seams. Yeah, I'm being a bit snarky about it but come on. 50 Pieces Blank Lure Black Red Fishing Eyes UPER $1.50. There are some knockoffs I would buy (and have) based on reports of fishermen whose opinions I trust. I buya Lure X. Download the 2023 Do-it Molds Catalog - https://www.facebook.com/fishheadcustomlures, Prop 65 WARNING: Some products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer., Barn Party Bait Co Custom Swinghead Jig -Sardine, Barn Party Bait Co Custom Swinghead Jig - Kelpfish, Barn Party Bait Co Custom Swinghead Jig - Aurora. if(document.all) { Crank Blanks. I have a cart loaded with Shelts but I haven't checked put yet. Had a spro lil john knock off.key word: had. Pasted as rich text. 50 pieces (Min. Sale. Save time in searching for most relavant and trusted products. The only blanks that in my batch maybe was an issue is the panfish swimbait. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. var htmltag = false; I have to look but I have a place that sells all the popular musky lure blanks. Join our email list and receive 10% off your first order! This can be trolled, or used as a jerkbait. Responsiveness to product questions. $('#innerwrapper').attr('style', 'width: 1240px !important;'); Notice I never mentioned what bait company my friend (ex-Elite Series angler now on the FLW Tour) designs for because I didn't want to appear biased. As others have recommended, buy a few at first and don't be afraid to ask them questions before you buy. As an example, I'm 99.9% sure the SK banshee lipless baits at DSG are (were? if(! I order the same amount from a US supplier and get them in 1 week with a $7 or $8 shipping cost tacked on. Our unpainted lure bodies are perfect for serious fisherman looking to build their own custom fishing jigs, crankbaits, lipless baits, surface lures and more! Someday some will wake up to this fact but unfortunately is already to late. Used these as jerk baits as well as crank baits and they track well. 4-3/4" Swimbait with 4 wired segments. You cannot paste images directly. It's all about choices and what suits your needs..My choice is the highest quality blanks I can find available right here from US Vendors because I paint, sell them and don't want any coming backOthers have different needs/priorities I just pay the US vendors the $2 or there about because: 1. } It's a business, they are in it to make money, not to watch Joe catch a dink. Of course, that's not always the case, but many times they are exactly the same or very similar. I want anything that I put time into to be worth fishing. } As a matter of fact, I am sponsored by a different hard bait manufacturer altogether (also not named) and I have never thrown one of his baits or one by the company he designs for. function getTestDriveNum() { Add to Cart. } else { Another great point. return d.style.color; It was our Federal Government that put us in the situation. Yes, I have three "Good Ones" out of the dozens I've owned. What is a quality blank? There's really no way to predict what will work and what won't, and if it has anything to do with manufacture. Things that I value when assessing quality include: Durability - does the lure break under normal use more frequently than expected. Or take on water or have hook hangers pull loose on a quality fish. Blank Lures. Bulk Unpainted Crank Bodies, Minnow Bodies, Surface Lures, Lipless Lures for fishing: Bulk Hardbait Blanks: 2720C 2720C Crankbait Blanks (10pk) Starting at: $11.99 : 2722 2722 Laser Eyez Hard Body Blanks (5pk) . The Elite II Series Blanks feature many popular styles and sizes. In different depths, sizes, and shapes. Your definition and mine seem to be very similar. How they just work so much better than anything else. If you're reselling you have to raise the price by 5cents to cover shipping. Wel l simply because China is a hell of a lot cheaper Im guessing, is this true? Best For High Quality: Wlure Unpainted Lure Blank . command = 'animateloop(\'' + name + '\', ' + length + ', ' + next + ', ' + delta + ', \'' + col + '\')'; Don't be confused. Many times they may make a different color but the bait is basically the same as the original manufacturer. Your link has been automatically embedded. If all he requires is a profile and a sketch, then unless your lure is very similar to another successful swimmer already in production by that company, you may be in trouble, as the lure parameters; wall thickness, ballast location, eye position, and all the rest, might not work out for your particular lure. Lure companies are focused on selling lures, not catching fish. Product Ratings: 28 Compartments Fishing Lures Waterproof Box Spoon Hooks Baits Storage Tackle Case Fishing Individual Tool with String. But, each prototype is going to cost you the price of injection tools. try getbitcustombaits.com great quality blanks or, probably more than shelts, but have never tried them, but every blank is good from these guys. Others have baits that perform very well too. This is made of duable abs plastic, sealing materail to prevent water leakage. The rest out there are for collectors people that like to overpay for old baits. Quality means different things to different people. var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p=new Array(); Tight wobble slow floating crank bait. Everything that is sold either has shipping built in to the price or has it added on. We have listed out the best blanks for your daily purposes after deep study and comparative studies between 100's of products. Rigorously tested and hand selected by our team. function getColor(name) { The first question is what information does the manufacturer need to produce your lures? var customerID = ""; Out of 300 baits ive gotten from them only 1 has leaked. Theres no single answer to the OPs question some knockoff blanks/lures are garbage, others are very good (good doesnt have to mean an exact replication there are usually differences in the details, which is not necessarily a bad thing). I won't mention names, lol. Actions are all good my only ones that arent knock offs are my 8.0s. var d; Hooks are usually questionable, often very sharp and nice-looking, but brittle. Why wouldn't they? But having blanks that are the same model should all behave and swim the same. Kept affordable by a fisherman at no cost to quality. Click {0} to select products that you want to inquire about before clicking the Contact supplier button. Higher end companies definitely and always put the best hooks and rings on lures. Shelt's Unpainted Fishing Trout Slow Sinking Swimbaits Blanks. If all you can compete on is price then I suggest you look for something else to do. } If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Super Ron - think the link below to another post helps answer part of your question related to quality. -o-background-size: cover; You will see a post I put in the Blank Crankbait Body Links that is pinned to the top of the forum page. Free Shipping ($75 or more US only) BULK SUPPLIER. They have put together a collection of quality lure blanks. Of course, that's not always the case, but many times they are exactly the same or very similar. function MM_swapImgRestore() { //v3.0 5mm eyes. I've put the all under water. Maybe if I did most of my work on a desktop the site would look different and more info would show up. How anyone spends their money is up to them. Could be..but most likely a knock off is an inferior blank, possibly blemished and/or not as well constructed or painted with cheaper components like bills and hooks. For these reasons, knockoffs have a place in my box. Youll surely find what you need for creating the perfect lure you have in mind. Order) Big Popper 19.5cm fishing lure blanks unpainted fishing lure blank 102.5g grams fishing lures unpainted. This is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as Im aware that sloppy manufacturing is not a universal key to lure-making success. A large part of those sales come because they can ship here for next to nothing. - New Products and Restocks Arriving almost weekly! As for supporting our country. 0. Nor may it be copied, published, rewritten, or redistributed. As a taxpayer you're helping support China's businesses by giving them an unfair advantages over American businesses. } 602-486-1525. sterlingheller07@gmail.com. For Fishermen, by fishermen Rigged2016 LLC . } "My machining process is taking a blank," Duff explains, "and shaping it with [the] efficiency and accuracy necessary to keep our strict tolerances and quality." Before any lure is put to a sander or router, they spend about eight to 12 hours in a "hot box" (essentially a kiln MacGyver-ed out of an old freezer) to remove as much . 1 leaked, and 2 had grooves in the sides. Introducing Crank Blanks. function MM_preloadImages() { //v3.0 var length = 0; Shipping is not an excuse to support your own country. Nor will I bash anyone. Unpainted lure blank. Shipping isn't peanuts. This is made of abs plastic, strong and durable, good sealing and waterproof. This is exactly right. $0.80. Knock offs may not give you 100% consistency, but the same is said of any lure company that's what makes that one bomber your favorite. Sure you may want a few colors and maybe a few different designs, but definitely all need to be within a very small window of performance. Personally, my go-to's are typically middle of the road name brands or the occasional house brand (such as SK Banshees), but I certainly appreciate why a lot of serious anglers like their LC, Megabass, Evergreen, etc. I would imaging a manufacturer with poor quality control would have a hard time achieving consistency. . I'm sure they can catch fish but I was wondering what the biggest differences are. Are these "re-branded" lure options, seconds from the major manufactures aka dont meet certain spec criterias to be sold under their name brands? $0.90. Anything else is just a crap shoot. $4.00. How well the lure swims - I've run into issues with ones I've ordered directly from China. The costs of businesses buying offshore is much more than in USA to the economy. Pasted as rich text. I am just trying to make you aware of the problems of moving from one set of materials and design to a completely different set of materials and design. Add to Cart Compare. He actually produces some blanks for some of the big name blank suppliers. HOME. One thing I've found is that a knockoff bait is almost never the same as the commercial bait it copies. FG55 & FG60 Square Bill Bodies. Blank unpainted lures is a kind of lure that will not change color or become more vivid. I have had cheap lures where 1 has completely different action than the next. So paint your blank - and go fishing with your own lures! 12g. Weighs .24oz. We also have quality treble hooks, split rings and variant colors 3D lure eyes . If anyone has a contact that turns custom designs into a product please let me know. And weve all tried out original baits that turned out to be duds, too. I make more crankbaits than I buy , balsa and cedar.. and recently started making large swim baits.. Im not looking for quantities to resale in plastics , just some for my self and a few friends. We offer a large selection of brass, unpainted wood, and unpainted plastic fishing lure blanks, including diver bodies, swim baits, top water lure bodies, minnow bodies, and shad bodies. 110 Jerk bait blank. The same is true in China. ie4 = true; *edit -- Sorry, that came across much harsher than I intended it, so don't take personal offense. token += ch; But in the end shipping will be a factor, and here China has an unfair advantage, an advantage we gave them. But they still worked great! Source high quality products in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from China. I use an iPad and I haven't had any issues with any of these vendors websites, especially related to product info and viewing the lures. var i,j=d.MM_p.length,a=MM_preloadImages.arguments; for(i=0; i= length) { delta = delta * -1; next = ind + delta; } You certainly havent maximized your fish catching opportunitiesby throwing some baits thatwill never catch a fish. $0.30-$0.60 / piece. They get well known makers to produce and package them as their own. China isn't the problem, our Federal government giving them an unfair advantage is the problem. And yes - I am a bit of a hypocrite - I don't "only" fish the cheap stuff. police incident llantrisant,

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